Lab Equipment

Genaxy has set bench mark in plastic ware manufacturing, Aim to provide complete lab setup now brought innovative, durable and reliable bench-top instruments manufactured using latest technology:  

TAIWAN HIPOINT CORPORATION’s core purpose is to make a significant technical contribution to improving the health and safety of mankind. Their aim is to allow researchers to continuously improve their research with astonishing products that best support their daily life. “More Effort, better Solution: inspires HiPoint unremittingly tend to perfection and differentiate from others through Continuous innovation. HiPoint Taiwan is dedicated to meet Customer requirements beyond your expectations. To ensure the highest quality standards, HiPoint manufactures all products at plant in southern Taiwan with 30 years of experience:


MPW MED.INSTRUMENTS the unique manufacturer of modern and reliable medical and laboratory centrifuges in Poland. Our direct partners include scientific and research Centre’s and laboratories that help us to satisfy the requirements of our customers We are committed to continuously and successfully improving and upgrading our products.For every centrifuge type, we offer a wide range of equipment to enhance the research and diagnostic capabilities of their users. The equipment is developed with the feedback from end users. MPW products are recognized by the markets as technologically advanced, reliable and competitively priced. All our products are CE marked. They are also registered as medical devices. We have a quality management system in place. The system is compliant with EN ISO 9001:2008 and EN ISO 13485:2012 + AC 2012:

NÜVE is a world class manufacturer of a wide range of laboratory and sterilization instruments. Building upon our 48 years of experience we offer excellent choice and value and, above all, full support to our customers The NÜVE product range is comprehensive, covering the essential core products for most laboratories, whether this is for ovens, incubators, centrifuges, climatic and test chambers, dry or steam sterilization devices, freezers, laminar flow and safety cabinets, water baths and stills, blood bank instruments... you are certain to find a product to please you:

Air Science® manufactures a complete series of high efficiency ductless fume hoods, ductless workstations, laboratory filtration products, and custom enclosures designed to protect the user, the process and the environment from hazardous vapors, fumes, and particulates. Our products and manufacturing processes are designed to minimize environmental impact to your community, and to support efforts to comply with LEED and other recommended practices in laboratory and facility management. Located in Fort Myers, Florida, USA our 45,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and corporate headquarters houses an integrated sales administration, research, engineering, testing, production, technical service and logistics group working on behalf of our customers worldwide :

With innovative and market-attractive products, Domel enables the development and growth of the company and ensures work in the broader environment, thereby satisfying the interests of the owners. The activity and processes are based on the values that have been divided into five sets: creativity and ambitiousness, responsibility and economy, respect and cooperation, care for customers and employees and belonging. The first place is held by creativity, which functions as the basis for all the other values:
Metertech Inc. (Metertech) was established in 1981 pioneering in Taiwan for designing and manufacturing medical, analytical, biotechnology, life science, industrial quality control, and environmental instruments. Metertech specializes in integrating everyday needs and laboratory instruments with the most current technologies and manufacture qualities. With continuous technology development, Metertech keeps striving for the design and manufacture of advanced instruments to meet customers' needs and market demands. Conforming to applicable safety requirements and quality standards, Metertech's products are certified in compliance with global testing and manufacturing standards. Metertech Product includes range of Spectrophotometers, Microplate Readers and Colorimeters.

  • UV-Visible Spectrophotometers
The Metertech SP-8001 UV/Visible Spectrophotometer is an accurate, reliable, and cost effective instrument designed for quality control, research, and teaching requirements. The system is designed with a narrow, and focused beam to provide excellent linearity, and small variance with small samples in semi microcells. With ongoing improvement and upgrades by Metertech the SP-8001, has become a reliable, versatile and easy to use instrument designed to meet the requirements of research institutes, educational needs, and manufacture facilities to perform routine analysis.

SP8001- UV-VIS Spectrophotometer

  • Visible Spectrophotometers
The SP-800 series single beam visible spectrophotometers are an affordable, easy-to use, and reliable general purpose instrument designed for laboratories and educational needs. The SP-800 series visible beam spectrophotometer comes with 2 models. The SP-830+ standalone model measures the traditional absorbance, transmittance and concentration. And the PC enabled SP-880 with enhance measurement features such as spectrum scan, time scan, kinetic, and quantitative. Both models also come with a versatile sample compartment to hold cuvettes, and tubes, of all sizes. The SP-800 series visible spectrophotometers are a compact, low-cost instrument with all the essentials for teaching and routine laboratory use.

SP-800-Visible Spectrophotometer

  • Microplate Readers
Using high quality optical components the M965 series Microplate reader can perform ELISA measurements between the wavelength of 340~900nm with end point, two point, and kinetic measurement method. The instrument has a fast reading speed, with less than 5s per plate. For temperature sensitive includes a built-in incubator and, shaker for measurements. The M965 series can be used in both standalone and PC control mode. Users can perform advance features such as Qualitative, Cut-off, Quality control, and Ratio/inhibition. With the versatility and features provided within the M965 series Microplate reader users can use this instrument in many different applications such as ELISAs / EIAs, enzymatic activity, bacterial growth studies, and fast kinetic assays.

M965-Microplate Reader

  • Colorimeter
The M6+ is a portable and cost effective instrument designed to perform waste water, drinking water, environmental, food, and ELISA testing. With a large LCD and 2 button controls, the instrument can operate with just minimal training. The M6+ can accommodate a wide variety of tests with 2 of its major optical designs. The first is an interchangeable filter design which can detect from 400~750nm. The second is a patented optic compartment which allows users to perform different type of experiments by using round tubes, square cuvette, and microstrips. The M6+ is a versatile instrument that will accommodate users to perform all kinds with the most flexibility.

m6+ Colorimeter

FINEPCR established in 1989, is a leader in the laboratory equipment for the life sciences as manufacturer. We have steadily grown on our way. And we provide high quality devices developed by patented mechanism to the life science research community in more than 30 countries world-wide.   confido-S20H confido-S202H