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WESTAR is our product line of ECL HRP substrates for Western blotting. Our double enhancer proprietary technology allows for modulation of signal intensity and signal duration. Each WESTAR substrate is at the top of its respective market segment regarding performance/price ratio.


All WESTAR substrates are:

  • Compatible with all chemiluminescence imagers and X-ray film detection
  • Well-suited for different types of membranes and blocking reagents as well as a wide range of antibody dilutions
  • Optimized for attaining low background and high signal to noise ratio

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Electrophoresis is used to separate proteins on basis of charge and their mass. Characterization, identification and expression study for proteins depends on protein standard which get separated and mark the position for relative molecular weight determination. GENAXY offers best quality markers (Unstained, Blue stained, Colored prestain Protein Molecular weight markers. for detailed offer contact us at
PCR is important methodology for research and diagnostic. the amplification of nucleic acid in machine requires best quality and tested PCR mixes for optimal results. GENAXY brings best reagents and kits from International brands that can be used in molecular biology techniques of PCR and its variants that are being used in laboratories for PCR based detection of harmful bacteria, viruses etc. For MORE DETAILS click on qPCR solutions NEW ExcelRT™ One-Step RT-qPCR kit (TaqMan, with ROX reference dye) consisting of One-Step RT Enzyme Mix and 2X One-Step qPCR Master Mix is designed for reverse transcription and quantitative real-time analysis of a specific target RNA by one-step reaction in single tube. The One-Step RT Enzyme Mix contains a thermostable ExcelRT™ Reverse Transcriptase and a RNAokRNase inhibitor and can reverse transcribe RNA to cDNA at a wide temperature range from 42 to 60°C and active against RNase A, RNase B and RNase C. By containing specialized hot-start Taq DNA polymerase, which greatly reduce primer-dimer formation and can be activated within 2 minutes is suitable for fast cycle program. Click Link for FLYER and MANUAL