CENCE is high technology enterprises mainly engaged in manufacturing centrifuge and laboratory instrument with 40 years. It has already passed ISO9001:2008 Certificate of International Quality Management System by UK SGS company,ISO13485:2003+AC:2007 Certificate of Quality Management System for Medical Devices by German TUV company and international safety certificate CE. The effective implementation of quality system guarantees ulteriorly the stability of product quality, reliable after-sale service and product safety.
In the 80-90s of last century, CENCE had cooperated with Japan Tomy Company and America Beckman Company in technology field, which improve the technology level of CENCE up to domestic leading level. The super capacity rotors of angle rotor 6×1000ml and swing rotor 6 ×2400ml have already passed rotor service life cycle test by authority of the United States in 2009,and surpassed the US standard of life cycle. This marks some performance of CENCE centrifuge has already reached to international advance level. We will take this as a driving force, working hard to achieve further successes, make CENCE centrifuge reach to international advance level quickly and became the famous centrifuge manufacturer of the world.