About Us

GENAXY – ‘Generation Next in Biotechnology’, was founded in 1999 with a futuristic and innovative vision, having its corporate office in New Delhi and Head office in Solan (H.P.). With presence in more than 85% labs in India and a strong foothold in segments of Academia, Industry, Agriculture, Diagnostic, Medical and Seed Industry, Genaxy has established itself as the market leader not only because of its relentless innovation, but also because of its renowned commitment to quality, unrivalled business ethics and resolute customer-trust.

GENAXY has abounded itself as an Assured and Ultimate destination for some panache products by our esteemed principals like Serva Electrophoresis, Germany; Cyanagen Italy; Favorgen Biotec Corp, Taiwan; qARTA’BIO, USA; Nuve, Turkey; MPW, Poland; Polyscience, USA; Cleaver Scientific ,UK; Hoefer, USA; Hipoint, Taiwan; Air Science, USA; Nichiryo, Japan; NEST, USA; Vitlab, Germany; Interscience, France; Tehtnica, Slovenia; Metertech, Taiwan, whose rights has made it possible for us to justify our commitment to the research fraternity “You Name It – We Have It!!”, whether for plastic wares, bioscience reagents & kits, instruments or liquid handling devices.

Filliped by the surge in both R&D and production and with over 15 years of plastic injection moulding experience, Genaxy ventured into the plastic manufacturing business in 2001. Since then, Genaxy has been an unstoppable force and has grown to be recognized as a global leader in manufacture of vastly used Pipette tips, Petri Dishes, Micro Centrifuge tubes, Screw Cap tubes, Ria Vials, Storage Racks and Custom Plastic Injection Moulding.

Genaxy proclaims about its high quality plasticware with its high end machinery and strict quality procedures. Since our inception, Total Quality Management concept has been our prime focus. A rigorous quality check is incorporated at each and every stage of production to ensure flawless and best quality products. The sole motto behind these stringent quality tests, such as the steel ball test, is to provide an international quality product at an affordable price. Our manufacturing facility is ISO 9001:2008 compliant and our products are non-pyrogenic and certified RNAse/DNAse free.

With a firm foothold in more than 150 cities in India and an emerging presence in Europe, Middle East and South Asia, Genaxy now aspires to extend its wings in rest of the world and become a trustworthy/distinguished supplier of plastic products globally.


To provide elite range of products with undeniable services through stanch partners having absolute values and trust & attain leadership position in biotech industry


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