Cleaver Scientific is the world-leading supplier of Electrophoresis and related laboratory products. Drawing on years of manufacturing and laboratory experience, Cleaver Scientific are a UK based electrophoresis equipment suppliers providing premium and technically enhanced, high specification electrophoresis equipment for the world market. The product range includes DNA Electrophoresis Units, Protein Electrophoresis Units, Electroblotters, Radiation protection and Gel Documentation Equipment. Cleaver Scientific is an ISO9001:2015 accredited company and all Cleaver Scientific products comply with CE regulations.
    • Horizontal Electrophoresis Systems
Cleaver Scientific’s multiSUB horizontal gel electrophoresis units have been designed by scientists with the laboratory environment in mind. With a wide range of tanks and tray sizes as well as many comb options, these systems can handle all manner of electrophoresis experiments.
Horizontal Electrophoresis Selection Guide
MSMINI - Mini Horizontal Electrophoresis
MSMINIONE - Combo Horizontal Electrophoresis with Inbuilt Power Pack
MSMIDI - Midi Horizontal Electrophoresis
MSCHOICE - Midi Wide Horizontal Electrophoresis
MSMIDI96 - Midi 96 Horizontal Electrophoresis
RUNVIEW - Real Time Midi Wide Horizontal Electrophoresis with Inbuilt Power Supply & Transilluminator
MSMAXI - Maxi Horizontal Electrophoresis
MSSCREEN - Large High Throughput Horizontal Electrophoresis
TGT - Teaching Products Complete Range
    • Vertical Electrophoresis Systems
Cleaver Scientific provides the omniPAGE range comprises three sizes of gel chamber, Mini 10 x 10cm, Mini Wide 20 x 10cm and WAVE Maxi 20 x 20cm. Each system have a guaranteed leak proof seal resulting in trouble free and rapid gel casting. These systems are ideal for running precast or handcast polyacrylamide gels for SDS-PAGE or Native PAGE. Each gel tank system includes a leak free casting option to cast your own polyacrylamide gels and the omniPAGE mini can utilize a wide variety of commercially available precast gels from all major manufacturers.
Vertical Electrophoresis Selection Guide
CVS10DSYS - Mini PAGE Vertical Electrophoresis
CVS10CBS - Mini PAGE Vertical Electroblotting
CVS10CES - Mini PAGE Vertical Electroblotting with Tube Gel 2D
VS10WDSYS - Mini Wide PAGE Vertical Electrophoresis
VS10WCBS - Mini Wide PAGE Vertical Electroblotting
VS10WCES - Mini Wide PAGE Vertical Electroblotting with Tube Gel 2D
VS20WAVESYS - Maxi PAGE Vertical Electrophoresis
VS20CBS - Maxi PAGE Vertical Electroblotting
VS20CES - Maxi PAGE Vertical Electroblotting with Tube Gel 2D
HPAGE - Horizontal PAGE Electrophoresis  

  • Electrophoresis Power Supplies
Whether you require a power supply for routine horizontal DNA agarose gel electrophoresis, or for techniques as technically demanding as SSCP analysis within a large format vertical, or first dimension IEF using IPG strips, Cleaver Scientific can meet your requirements with its comprehensive range of power supplies. Each power supply has a compact design, which means a small footprint in the laboratory, while explanatory self-prompting menus make set up easy. Furthermore, these power supplies adhere to IEC 61010 – one of the world’s most stringent electrical safety standards. Our Power supplies feature a standard 4mm banana plug style connector for compatibility with both our own electrophoresis tanks, and those of other manufacturers.
Power Supply Selection Guide
POWERPRO - 5 Outputs Advaced Power Supplies
NANOPAC - 2 Outputs Power Supplies  

  • Blotting Systems
Electroblotting is a technique to immobilize proteins or nucleic acid separation on a solid membrane support. Samples are then detected using specific antibodies, ligands or nucleic acid probes that bind individual proteins or nucleic acid sequences. This allows identification, quantification or interaction’s study of proteins and nucleic acid from various samples, and makes it a powerful technique in proteomics and genomics. Cleaver Scientific offers four types of systems: the Modular Electroblotters, Tank Transfers Systems (Wet Blot), Semi-Dry Transfer Systems and Microfiltration (Dot and Slot blotting).
Blot Transfer Systems Selection Guide  

  • Gel Documentation Systems
Cleaver Scientific supplies a range of gel documentation systems, from their entry level microDOC Basic up to the all-in-one DNA and protein imaging GELLITE, GELONE and GELPRO. Cleaver Scientific also supplies a range of Chemiluminescence Documentation systems for both Chemi and Fluoresense imaging. All systems include intuitive acquisition and analysis software to make capturing and analyzing gels as easy as possible.
Gel Documentation Selection Guide
MICRODOC - Basic Gel Doc System
GELLITE - Entry Level Gel Doc System
GELONE - Touch Screen Gel Doc System
gelPRO - High End Gel Doc System
chemiLITE - Entry Level Chemi Gel Doc
chemiPRO - Chemi and Flourescent Gel Doc
CHEMIPRO XS&XL - High End Chemi & Flourescent Gel Doc

  • Clinical Electrophoresis
Cellulose acetate electrophoresis is an important technique in clinical diagnostics. The Cleaver Scientific range of cellulose acetate products offers a complete system solution for research and clinical cellulose acetate electrophoresis applications. Cleaver Scientific range includes both equipment and consumables to assist in the research and diagnosis of specific disease states. Also known as with different names like, Immunofixation Electrophoresis (IFE), Serum Protein Electrophoresis, Haemoglobin Electrophoresis, Lipoprotein Electrophoresis etc.
CSL-CELLAS - Clinical Electrophoresis System  

  • Comet Assay Tanks
The Comet Assay is an electrophoretic technique to detect DNA damage in single cells, while embedded in agarose gels. Also known as Single Cell Electrophoresis.
COM - Traditional Comet Assay systems

  • DGGE - Denaturing Gradient Gel Electrophoresis
The VS20-DGGE is a complete system for DNA mutation analysis. Using the innovative vertical screw-clamp technology of the VS20-WAVE system (makes Gradient Gel making very easy), it is fully equipped with temperature control unit, stirrer, gradient mixer and casting accessories- to perform specific mutation analysis applications. The VS20-DGGE boasts a maximum of 96 sample throughput, four-screw vertical clamping technology which accelerates set up, a large format 20x20cm glass plates for improved resolution, 100ml gradient mixer, with valve-controlled 50ml reservoir and mixing chambers which makes two 1mm parallel denaturing gradient gels and a microprocessor-controlled temperature control unit accurate up to 0.02°C.
DGGE - High End Denaturing Gradient Gel Electrophoresis  

  • IEF-IsoElectric Focusing
Equipped with rehydration and focusing trays, the Cleaver Scientific IEF system has been optimised to perform first-dimension isoelectric focusing (IEF) with IPG (immobilised pH gradient) strips quickly, easily and reproducibly. It can also be used with precast IEF Gels. Cleaver Scientific’s IEF system is to be used with IPG strips and IEF gels, and features a large cooling platform area with facilitates effective heat dissipation and control, particularly during high voltage IEF techniques. It’s high capacity focusing tray accommodates up to twelve IPG strips. Adjustable ‘pick-and-place’ electrodes clip conveniently anywhere within the focusing tray to resolve IPG strips 7-24cm in length and are colour-coded to prevent polarity reversal.
CSL-IEF - 2D Iso Electric Focusing System  

  • Large Format Vertical Electrophoresis
Ideal for a variety of large format vertical gel applications, these units offer advanced features for enhancing gel resolution and ease of use, essential when handling gels of this size. Each unit contains ultra- soft silicone seals for easy plate sealing and trouble free runs, even over extended run times. Resolution is enhanced by using an aluminum heat sink plate, essential for even sample migration. Featuring removable lower buffer tank and upper buffer tank drainage tap for added convenience. The large format units included a special buffer chamber, allowing either low buffer volumes to be used for economy or high buffer volumes to be used for extended runs. A wide range of interchangeable comb and spacer options allows a large number of techniques including; Manual DNA Sequencing, 2-D analysis, Micro-satellite analysis, DNA finger-printing, Gel shift assays, Single-Strand Conformation Polymorphism (SSCP), Heteroduplex and Oligonucleotide analysis.
CSQ - Large Format Vertical Electrophoresis Manual Sequencing  

  • Transilluminators
Cleaver Scientific offers single and dual wavelength formats, in 21 x 21cm and 21 x 26cm sizes. Various other transilluminators in Cleaver Scientific range: The proBLUEVIEW, a dual colour transilluminator, featuring white light illuminator for colorimetric gel imaging blue LED illuminator for fluorescent stains, UV transilluminators which offers an ultra-violet light source for the analysis of fluorescently stained electophoresis gels and lastly the DuoVIEW which boasts UV and Blue light technology in one transilluminator.
UVTRAN - UV Transilluminators for DNA Gels
PROBLUEVIEW - Blue LED Transilluminator for DNA and Protein Gels
SAFEVIEW - Blue LED Transilluminator for DNA Gels
SAFEVIEWMINI - Mini Blue LED Transilluminator for DNA Gels  

  • Electrophoresis Reagents and Chemicals
Cleaver Scientific’s select choice of reagents and chemicals for electrophoresis and molecular biology techniques are manufactured to the highest standard. We offer time-saving agarose and buffers in tablet and powder-sachet form, eliminating timely weighing procedures, as well as ready-made stock solutions of electrophoresis and blotting buffers. Featured in our range, long shelf life DNA and protein markers, membranes and blot-absorbent filter paper to match popular gel sizes.
AGAROSE - For Horizontal Electrophoresis
DNA Ladders
PAGE Electrophoresis and Western Blot Reagents
Protein Ladders
RUNSAFE - Non-Carcinogenic Safe Dye for DNA Electrophoresis  

  • General Lab Equipment
3D Shaker
Digital Hotplate and Magnetic Stirrer
Gel Scanner

Hoefer’s extensive experience in developing and manufacturing tools for gel electrophoresis and complimentary accessories allows us to deliver products that are intelligently designed for top performance and ease of use.Our premium products can be found in laboratories around the world yielding consistent and reproducible protein and nucleic acid electrophoretic separations. Scientists can trust that Hoefer instruments, accessories, and consumables will meet the highest standards of excellence.

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