Cleaver GelPro - Advance Gel Doc System

  • Upgradeable to chemiluminescence
  • Spacious darkroom – view up to 25x30cm gels
  • 5m pixel camera
  • Motor driven zoom lens and filter wheel
  • White, UV and blue lighting options
  • genePIX automatic control software
  • Unlimited copies of geneQUANT analysis software


gelPRO has a high resolution 5m pixel camera which is capable of giving outstanding images with incredible spatial resolution. The gelPRO gel documentation system has a stylish modular design and includes a motor driven zoom lens as standard, as well as a motor driven filter wheel. Internal lighting comes from a UV transilluminator or a blue light LED module to further extend the applications possible with the gelPRO. Upgradable to: Chemiluminescence and multiplex imaging


  • Affordable system for routine fluorescent and visible gel imaging
  • High resolution 5MP camera for good spatial resolution
  • Effective resolution up to 15.1MP
  • Motor driven lens with feedback
  • Integral white LED lighting for sample positioning, visible light applications and colorimetric markers
  • Motor driven 7-position filter wheel with UV filter to extend applications
  • Automatic or manual control using genePIX
  • Pre-defined 1-click protocols for rapid imaging
  • Unlimited user saveable protocols
  • Use with UV transilluminator for DNA imaging
  • Use converter screen for visible light applications such as protein
  • Use with blue LED UltraBright transilluminator for safe-dye applications
  • Includes unlimited copies of geneQUANT analysis software.
  • IQ/OQ qualification protocols as available


Analysis Software included geneQUANT
21CFR Compliant Yes
Advanced Analysis Features Included
Password Protection With Windows
Image Storage TIFF or GLP Compliant Format
Operating System Requirements Windows
Camera Type CCD
Quantum efficiency @ 425nm 52%
Resolution 5 MP, 15.1 MP Effective
Sensor Bit-Depth 12/16 bit
Sensor Dynamic Range 4.8
Lens Zoom, f1.2 with lens feedback
Construction Powder Coated Steel
Control Interface USB to PC
Emission Filters 7 position wheel, UV included
Blue Light Optional
White Light Table Optional
Epi White Light Included
Input Voltage 115/240V
Compliance Marks CE, 21 CFR Part 11
Transilluminator Size 25 x 30 cm
Transilluminator Wavelength 302nm
Unit Dimensions (cm) 57 x 84 x 45
Weight (Kg) 37
Product Includes gelPRO Darkroom and camera, UV transilluminator, UV Filter, Power Cable, Software USB and Instruction Manual



Image Product Name Catalog No. Product Description Pack Size Quantity Action
Cleaver GelPro Gel Documentation Systems gelPRO-302

Gel Documentation System for fluorescence and visible applications, with 25x30cm 302nm UV Transilluminator, Includes Acquisition and Analysis Software


Cat. No. Description Qty/Pack
CS-2020M-E Transilluminator (20x20cm; 302nm) 230V, 50Hz + runners Each
CS-2530M-E Transilluminator (25x30cm; 302nm) 230V, 50Hz + runners Each
CS-2020LM-E Transilluminator (20x20cm; 302/365nm) 230V, 50Hz + runners Each
CS-2530LM-E Transilluminator (25x30cm; 302/365nm) 230V, 50Hz + runners Each
GX-VP Viewing platform Each
CS-ULTRA-BRIGHT-LED Blue LED Transilluminator, Viewing area 20x16cm + sliding tray Each
CS-BLC UV to Blue light converter, Size 25x30cm suitable for DNA safe dyes Each
CS-FSG72 Blue light filter Each
CS-WLC Visible light converter, Size 30.5x33cm Each
CS-FSP72 Short pass [515 -599nm] (SW032) Each
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