Nichipet Air Multi Channel

1. Easy calibration 

Volume adjustment by the exclusive jig is only have to set the volume into the scale marks.

2. Pipetting

Up to 70% reduction in stroke load pressure compared with conventional models. 

3. Finger rest 

The shape to fit the hands based on the ergonomics.

4. Main body 

Operability is improved with slim body. 
Keeps the same durability as previous model and reduce the weight as 20% at maximum. Fully autoclavable.

5. Smooth volume setting 

Volume setting rotator is independent from the push button. Avoiding the volume shift during pipetting.

6. Volume indicator 

The volume can be checked during pipetting.

7. Hyper blower system

In order to discharge the set dispensing amount, 
maximum volume range of 10μL have high-performance blow-out function.


Multi channel model of 'Nichipet Air' among the world’s lightest pipette with world class Accuracy & Precision.


Cat. No Channel Volume range(µL) Increments(μL) Color
00-NAR-10M8 8 0.5-10 0.01 Pink
00-NAR-100M8 10-100 0.1 Orange
00-NAR-200M8 20-200 0.2 Yellow
00-NAR-300M8 30-300 1 White
00-NAR-10M12 12 0.5-10 0.01 Pink
00-NAR-100M12 10-100 0.1 Orange
00-NAR-200M12 20-200 0.2 Yellow
00-NAR-300M12 30-300 1 White




Image Product Name Catalog No. Product Description Pack Size Quantity Action


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