• Unique design with Heating lid provides improved temp homogeneity and optimal sample reaction conditions to produce accurate results.
  • GENAXY-3-IN-One provides Heating, Cooling and Mixing in one instrument.
  • Orbital Mixing with a diameter of 3mm and speed range of 200- 3000Rpm.
  • Variety of blocks are available to offer flexibility of using containers of different capacities .
  • Thermal cycler design of heated lid to prevent condensation and provide efficient and reliable results.
  • Adustable Hight of heated lid makes it unique to be used with different capacity blocks.


Easy operation, Better Results

  • Intuitive and easy to operate.
  • 4.3-inch LCD display & touch screen panel.
  • Availability of power failure self-recovery functions.
  • Automatically resume of operation as per the set parameters after power failure recovery.
  • Various standard sample blocks are available with automatic block recognition facility.
  • The instrument is equipped with a mobile phone APP for real-time monitoring of instrument status.

No tools Required 

  • Various blocks are available.
  • New & ergonomic design provides easy block loading and unloading, blocks can be replaced without any tools.

Ergonomic designs with comprehensive program setting.

  • Various heating methods, can be choosen according to the experimental needs.
  • Programable shaking method, can be set according to requirements,both forward and reverse rotation can be set.
  • Program settings, multiple programs are connected to each other, no need to set repeatedly.
  • GENAXY-3-IN-One has low-temperature storage function when the program is completed, the samples can be automatically stored in low-temperature.

Highly stable performance with long service life

  • Microprocessor control, good temperature control linearity, accurate shaking speed, minor fluctuations.
  • maintenance-free DC brushless motor drive with long service life.
  • Built-in over-temperature protection makes it more reliable to use.

Excellent performance & precise temperature control

  • Full power heating can be selected at the highest 3°C/min heating to prevent the experiment from failing due to uneven temperature changes.
  • Optional thermal lid to effectively improve the temperature uniformity in the test tube.


Model  GENAXY-3-Minus-One GENAXY-3-IN-One
Shaking speed 200-3000rpm 200~3000rpm
Shaking amplitude 3mm 3mm
Temperature control range RT +5°C~105°C Ambient - 20°C ~105°C
Temperature uniformity 0.5°C 0.5°C
Temperature control accuracy ±0.5°C(@30-50°C) ±0.5°C(@30-50°C)
Display 4.3 inch touch screen (capacitive type) 4.3 inch touch screen (capacitive type)
Display accuracy ±0.1°C ±0.1°C
Timer range 1min~99h59min 1min~99h59min
Heating time (25-100°C) 15min (RT 20°C 30°C) 15min (RT 20°C 30°C)
Heating rate gear Max; 3°C/min; 2°C/min;1°C/min; 0.1°C/min Max; 3°C/min; 2°C/min;1°C/min; 0.1/min
Refrigeration time(detected at 25°C ambient temperature) —— °C20min (Ambient temperature 20°C: 20°C 0°C)
  20min(Ambient temperature 25°C:RT°C 4°C)
  20min (Ambient temperature 30°C:RT 10°C
Cooling rate gear ___ Max;1°C/min;0.5°C/min;0.1°C/min
number of Programs 50 50
External port for data transfer USB & Printer USB & Printer
Dimension(mm) 318x154x220 318x154×220
Weight 10kg 10kg



Image Product Name Catalog No. Product Description Pack Size Quantity Action
GENAXY-3-IN-One Thermo Shaking incubator GENAXY-3-IN-One

GENAXY-3-IN-One thermo shaking Incubator Heating, Cooling and Mixing in one instrument. 

GENAXY-3-Minus-One Thermo Shaking incubator GENAXY-3-Minus-One

GENAXY-3-Minus-One thermo shaking Incubator with Heating and Mixing.


Cat Nos. Description Max. Temp Max. Speed  Qty/Pack
GEN-81020-A 24 x 0.5mL tubes  105°C 200~2000rpm each
GEN-81020-B 24 x 1.5 mL tubes 105°C 200~3000rpm each
GEN-81020-C 24 x 2.0 mL tubes 105°C 200~2000rpm each
GEN-81020-D 15x0.5mL+ 20X1.5mL tubes 105°C 200~2000rpm each
GEN-81020-E 8 x5mL tubes 100°C 200~1200rpm each
GEN-81020-F 24X12 mm tubes 105°C 200~2000rpm each
GEN-81020-G 24 x 1.5ml/2.0ml Cryopreservation tubes 105°C 200~2000rpm each
GEN-81020-H 8x15mL tubes (Both flat bottom and cone bottom can be used) 100°C 200~1000rpm each
GEN-81020-I 4x50mL tubes (Both flat bottom  and cone bottom can be used) 100°C 200~1000rpm each
GEN-81020-J Block lid each
GEN-81020-K 96x0.2mL microplate 105°C 200~3000rpm each
GEN-81020-L 96x2mL deepwell plate 105°C 200~1500rpm each
GEN-81020-M 96x0.2mL PCR plate 105°C 200~2000rpm each
GEN-81020-N 384 PCR plate 105°C 200~3000rpm each
GEN-81020-O 96/500 L deepwell plate 105°C 200~1500rpm each
GEN-81020-P 96/1000 L deepwell plate 105°C 200~1500rpm each
GEN-81020-Q Heating lid each
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