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  • Mukesh Gupta

    Mukesh Gupta, "The Creater" has started his work journey with full of challenges by setting up his different businesses such as a Matchstick factory in Solan (the first in North India) a publishing and printing house etc. And as time progresses he ventured into setting up of production facility of Laboratory consumables which was 2nd of its kind in India. Ethics, principle & values are strong pillers of his personality which made him found GENAXY. Time and Persistence are his key ingredients. Simplicity & being straightforward are his key assests and managing finance is one of his core competence. Mr. Gupta enjoys gardening and manages his time to watch old Bollywood movies.

    Mukesh Gupta
    Founder & CFO
  • Navneet Trehan

    Featured in Forbes India Marquee July 2021, named one of the Top 10 Leaders in Biotech Industry by CEO Insight Magazine and awarded by SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY for his huge contribution in biotech industry. After marking his unforgettable presence in Pharma Industry, He has given new heights to the biotech industry by launching Axygen/Genaxy & introducing war spear heading concept of plasticware uses from glassware. Mr. Navneet Trehan is a hardcore highly experienced professional with ethics who believes in transforming profession into passion. He is a great leader who firmly believes that when you start enjoying your work you stop working and its only enjoyment. He is trainer, meticulous motivator & energetic social worker, who follow strict discipline in life, practice spirituality and yoga everyday to keep him healthy. Painting is his one way of meditati...

    Navneet Trehan
    Founder & CEO
  • Saurabh Gupta

    The Youngest Director of the organization started his professionalism in 2009 after completing his MBA (Finance & Marketing) degree & training in production and operations management at Axygen Scientific Headquarters. Saurabh Gupta is highly innovative who manages the day-to-day production & developmental activities at Genaxy whose ultimate goal is to provide the best solution to the scientific fraternity by utilizing GENAXY’s high tech manufacturing facilities & his innovative approach. He considers hardships to have enriched life by giving him experience and the ability to think innovatively. He is a true social worker & solution provider in all terms with an eye to spot a problem in the field of healthcare, education or any other area which you believe is lacking.

    Saurabh Gupta
    Director. Manufacturing
  • Sanjay Sahani

    A highly professional Team Player joined GENAXY at a very early age of his career in 2002 after few years of experience with a degree of MBA Marketing & Course in DESIGN THINKING from IIT-M. Sanjay Sahani is a perfect example of hard-work & dedication whose core strengths are communication & team building. His untiring hard-work, complete dedication & unending urge to learn new things rose him up from the position of a front-line worker to the position of AGM Marketing “ A Member of GENAXY’s Top Management” who looks after the major product Launches in Indian Market. He makes himself more productive by learning new products & technologies introduced in biotech domain.Playing badminton, writing articles on different topics of literature and reading nonfictions books are not only his hobbies but had become his way of life over time.

    Sanjay Sahani
    DGM. Marketing
  • Ravi Gera

    No one can define a salesman better than Mr. Ravi, A true sales person who joined with the determination of achieving his goals in 1999 & became the 1st employee of GENAXY, started his career as a sales executive, WORKED WITH MANY TEAMS AND HAD BUILD UP HIS TEAMS looking after the sales goals of entire NORTH, EAST AND NORTH EAST INDIA. He won a lot of internal titles for overachieving the sales targets. Ravi Gera believes that relationships are the key for any sales person and making good and healthy relationships are what will make you an accepted salesman. He believes that learning is a never ending process and we all should try to learn from anyone by keeping designation and experience aside. over 2 decade in Genaxy, HE CONSIDER GENAXY AS HIS FAMILY & KEEPING HIS TEAM CLOSE TO HIS HEART. He loves to spent time with his team and family MAINTAINING A PERFECT WORK LI...

    Ravi Gera
    DGM Sales
  • Dr. Anita Kapur

    Dr. Kapur, a plant biotechnologist & technical backbone of GENAXY who received Young Scientist Award 1999 from Indian Science Congress & author of numerous scientific publications of National and International repute. Joined in 2006 her experience in biotechnology research & techno-commercial marketing helps her in understanding the needs of scientific fraternity in depth and give the solutions accordingly. She is PhD & Post –Doc from University of Delhi & got absorbed in the International Rice Genome project as Scientist. She is a Plant Scientist professionally with a plant lover in personal life who loves to grow micro greens and believe in naturopathy & Ayurveda as nature is the mother for all of us. She is always eager to try new dishes, tea and shakes. Sketching is one of her recreation.

    Dr. Anita Kapur
    Country Head - Technical
  • Rachna Kapoor

    A Visionary Lady who started her working journey with GENAXY, back in 2006 as an office coordinator learned a lot in these past years and voluntarily participated in every activity to grab the knowledge as much as possible. Her attitude of not giving up and urge for growth made her work tirelessly & took her up at the position of HOD HR & Admin. Rachna truly believes in “Be Optimistic, be real, whatever you are; you are the best; keep carving yourself everyday but don’t change yourself for the sake of others". 

    Rachna Kapoor
    DGM HR/Admin
  • Vishal Gupta

    A Science Graduate ,started his career way back in 1999 as a Business Manager in Axygen Scientific Pvt Ltd , Solan. Now with over 22 years of experience managing the entire logistics and supply chain of GENAXY made Genaxy’s logistics recognized as one of the most important department in the organization. He is involved in managing all the purchasing and supplier management, inventory management and warehousing, distribution and transport. On the personal front, he is the one who is fun and enjoys spending time with family and friends.

    Vishal Gupta
    DGM (Logistics)
Vishal Gupta
Vishal Gupta
DGM (Logistics)

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